The young fashion talents of the LCF graduate BA17 show

“For some time, I wanted to explore the idea of the unconscious mind. While reading many books (starting from Freud), I got dragged into the world of surrealist art. This is how the research initially started. Later on, I went to the V&A exhibition, Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear, where I was really fascinated by the 20s aesthetic. I decided to take this research further by looking into archives. Essentially, this project contrasts the visual essence of femininity with the unexpected lines of surrealism. The surrealism represents the distortion of society’s expectations of a perfect woman.

I played with seam line placements and continuation of lines which are then unexpectedly broken. At the same time, everything is really fitted much like lingerie, accentuating the female body. I used a lot of sheer fabrics and layering them to create shadows and a delicate feeling. The combination of all these brought a collection that is fragile as much as it is strong.

What would excite me about the future is being able to have the opportunity to make a statement by telling people that fashion is not about trends, it is about making clothes that embrace the nature of women and that empower them. Through my collections, I want to be able to re-paint the image of women: showing both sides; the vulnerability but mainly, the strength that characterises them.”

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